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  • A Memorable Experience

    Submitted on 06/01/2014 by Scott Kroeger |  Yes, I would recommend this program

    Overall had a good experience. They are both caring people. Boonrod and Nana became goods friends and encouraged me to continue to improve as a teacher..

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  • Submitted on 05/24/2014 by CJ Lamprecht |  Yes, I would recommend this program

    I have been employed for the past 4 months. In this time they have treated me not as an employee but as family. They provided me with a stable job which benefits exceed just a monthly salary but also an opportunity to become more than just a teacher and make a difference within a community.

    I am satisfied with Mr. Boonrod as an employer and would recommend him if your motivation to work in Thailand is to make a difference in your students lives and become part of a community.

    I have had very few difficulties and each time they were reasonable and fair in their negotiation. I believe that you would experience the same happiness and emotional satisfaction

  • One term so far

    Submitted on 05/22/2014 by Mary |  Yes, I would recommend this program

    I have worked in two temple schools so far. I have completed one term and am just starting the second and everything is going well. The children are great fun and it really does immerse you in Thai culture. Completely different to a holiday at the beach here. I was well looked after while here on my first term. If you want to get away from the western rat race for a while I would recommend this as an alternative. And there is lots of time off available to go see the country as there is always a festival or public holiday happening.

  • Three years and counting......

    Submitted on 05/22/2014 by Adrian Long |  Yes, I would recommend this program

    Having spent the last three years working in 12 temple and govt schools, I'm looking forward to more. A wonderful insight into Thai village life, with enough spare time to actively enjoy Thailand.