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Most frequently asked questions,

Total teaching hours Total teaching hours 20-25 hours a week.

Pay rate Bachelor’s degree no experience start at bht. 300 per teaching hour. With experience more than 1 year start at bht. 350 per teaching hour. With more than 1 of experience in teaching young learners in Thailand will earn bht. 30,000 for the actual teaching date during the semester.

Pay rate no degree and no experience start at bht. 250 per teaching hour, With experience more than 1 year start at bht. 300 per teaching hour. With more than 1 of experience in teaching young learners in Thailand will earn bht. 25,000 for the actual teaching date during the semester.

How to apply? 

Submit filled application form, teacher profile form, resume and passport copy to [email protected], after receive confirmation then applicants can filled the contract and signed the contract. After that they scan and send the copy of signed contract by attached to the email to our email address. Applicants will check the flight and confirm us flight details and visa. It will take 1-2 days to get the visa approved. Applicants can use office address as contact and permanent address in Thailand. After received the visa, applicants will send the scan visa page to the office.


We can supply documents for our applicants to apply for non-immigrant B visa from the Thai Consulate and it is under the consular consideration. Applicants who have degree will get non-immigrant B visa without problem from UK 3 months. 

How to travel to office? 

Can take train from Thonburi train station direct to Petchaburi station. It is around 700 meters from our office.

How to prepare to be ready to start at the school? 

We shall let teachers to study all the work sheets that we use in the schools for all levels and teachers will have hand books for teaching. Teachers will be introduced to the directors at the school and get the teaching schedule. Our staff will advise new teacher how to get the public transport to go to schools.

Place to stay? 

On the same day our staffs will take teachers to look around for their apartment or townhouse near to the schools.

How much for the cost of the room? 

Basic furnished room with fan costs bht. 2,000-2,500 per month, with air conditioning will cost bht. 3,000-4,000 per month.

Where are the schools? 

The schools are located in many provinces ie. Prachupkirikhan, Petchaburi, Ratchaburi, Samutsongkram, Nakornpathom.

How much does a meal cost? 

Around the area, Fried rice or Fried pork mince with basil leave on rice will cost bht. 25-30. Ice water costs bht. 1 or free for own serving. Drinking water costs bht. 5-10. Most of the schools offer our teachers free lunch and if they do not treat, then the cost of a meal will be bht. 10-15 at school.
Thai people love to dine out because it is cheap and some of them will buy curry and rice to eat with family at home because it is cheaper than they buy RM to cook at home.

Night life, 

Recommend to have party with friend in Bangkok, Hua Hin, etc. The local people are rich of culture and fully respect to teachers and it might cause of misunderstanding about drinking habit of teachers. Parents also respect to teachers too. The people around your area are friendly and offer strangers especially teachers to have dinner with them.


We shall give the school name and also the map for our teachers in English and Thai language.

School holidays, 

Most of our teachers will plan for their trip around Thailand with their family during long holidays in March-mid May and in mid September-October.

How to teach? 

Our teachers will use activities to help students learn and practice their listening and speaking in English. We shall use basic English vocabulary and will interact with the students outside classroom to make the students feel comfortable and have no stress in the classroom. We try to make the classes easy and fun. Students love group competition, role play, word games, bingo, hangman, matching, mime, etc. Thai students mostly shy, so teachers may have to prepare for some spare activities to use in the classroom.

About culture, 

Thai people will not touch head, stand on the desk, stand on the books, point out with foot, sit on the table, etc. This is the example and if you have any more question, please let me know.