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Since 1998 our institute has been successfully placing  native English-speakers to teach in small public and temple schools throughout Thailand.  In addition we offer general EFL, abacus and computer courses to a wide range of young learners and adults as well as business English, private training at our school.


Our school is located 120 kilometers from Bangkok, 60 kilometers from Hua-Hin and 40 kilometers from Cha-am. This region is home to many scenic areas Keangkrachan, the largest natural park in Thailand, and several waterfalls and beaches. We recruit teachers throughout the year to begin work in May/June and October/November, and offer renewable one-year contracts. 


We operate free English camps for less-fortunate students in several urban areas to provide opportunities for these children to have contact with native-English speakers.  The students and  local teachers are very appreciative of the time with our expat staff, where they learn about foreign cultures by practicing simple conversations and participating in other learning activities.


We supply volunteers to serve poor people through English camps, teacher training and MoE projects. All volunteers are supported by the temple schools. We also support teachers who want to practice and gain more experience in teaching English, Thai culture and travel.

Our ex-teachers also host Thai students to study abroad and host Thai teachers family for internships.

We currently have 30 full- and part-time teachers teaching in more than 50 schools in the central part of Thailand.


Office hours: 8.30-17.30
Every day except public holidays
Contact person: Nora T.
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